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A new strain of the Coronavirus which affects your lungs and airways.

The health service is still unsure as to how the virus is spread however it is thought it is through cough droplets.  

A new, continuous cough and a high temperature.

The current advice is not to seek a diagnosis.  Do not visit the GP or hospital.  You do not need to contact 111.  This advice may change and we would advise following Government guidance’s which can be found on the NHS website.

Link to NHS Website

5) How is Coronavirus treated?

There is currently no known cure for the virus however to slow down the spread you are advised to:

 – wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds

 – use hand sanitiser if you don’t have access to hand washing facilities

 – avoid contact with those who display symptoms of Coronavirus

 – cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve if you cough or sneeze

 – put used tissues in the bin immediately after use and wash hands

The Covid-19 virus is now found in most countries around the World.

There is no vaccine as of yet for Coronavirus.  The UK Government advises social distancing to attempt to slow the spread of the virus.  This is acheived by self isolating for 7 days, should you display symptoms or if you live with someone who is showing signs, then isolation should be extended to 14 days.

Anti-Bacterial products to help stop the spread of a virus