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The History of Craghoppers

Back in 1965, when Craghoppers’ two founders Brian Gaskin and Roy Holmes hit upon the idea of turning a passion for travel into a bona fide business, the team felt like they were embarking on an exciting and at times perilous trip into the unknown. They set out to produce the ultimate clothing for the harshest of outdoor adventures. And to test it, they took it from the Peak District all the way to Mount Everest. Looking back, their perseverance paid off and Craghoppers is now recognised as a global outdoor and adventure travel specialist.

The Craghoppers Mission

The Craghoppers mission is to protect people from the worries of travel. They believe that the best travel experiences happen when you feel truly care-free. They aim to create comfortable and practical clothing ranges to help their customers stay on the trails as long as possible. By introducing new designs, using the latest technologies and bringing to the mix that special spirit of innovation, their products are more comfortable, lightweight, more waterproof, insulating and sun protective than ever before. They are now the world leader in outdoor and adventure trousers and one of their greatest successes is NosiLife – a complete lightweight adventure collection that provides permanent and safe protection against biting insects and the diseases they transmit.


Every season, Craghoppers creates and refines a host of outstanding technologies designed to enhance movement, manage moisture, promote freshness, resist stains, defend against insects, reduce maintenance, provide insulation, and protect the wearer from prevailing weather conditions all year round. Click on the technologies below to find out more.

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