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Yellow Fever

They are fine tunable, precision ear plugs for relief from symptoms related to motion sensitivity, including dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

This simple instrument positioned safely in the outer ear is designed to relieve symptoms related to motion sensitivity (dizziness, nausea and vomiting) of all known forms of motion sickness and nausea by gently desensitising, reducing the inner ears sensitivity to conflicts affecting the human sense of balance and motion when it is being worn.

Motion sickness is thought to be caused by conflicting messages from the eyes and the balance organs in the ears. The eyes say there is no movement and the ears say otherwise. This conflict is thought to be interpreted by the brain as being due to intoxication through miscalculations in resolving conflicts between vision and sense of balance and motion, when body’s sensors get overloaded with information it cannot read. As a result the brain responds by inducing dizziness, nausea and/or vomiting, to clear the supposed toxin.

To avoid the conflicts, the system can be desensitised with medication or alternatively it can be achieved naturally and without effort by the placement of the anti Motion Sickness ear plug.

The Instrument has been designed to offer the greatest desensitisation by naturally reducing and changing the natural functions of an ear, through gentle and natural, mechanical, functional manipulation and disturbance including its reception of auditory signals, ambient air pressure and feeling of gravity. It requires no medication and is completely safe to use – especially useful for adults and children experiencing difficulties with different forms of motion sickness and nausea during any form of travel by sea, air, rail or road.

The instrument remains full time active in its protective function during the time it is inserted in to the ear canal even during the sleep.

The ear plug should be used in only one of the ears, preferably in the left, and may be worn all day long, even during sleep, if needed. ‘Plug and Play’ functionality for your easiness of use. It is breathable, re-usable, and totally natural and drug free in its function, safe in use, for adults and children, designed for pleasant and comfortable wearing for your full, around the clock protection during your travel, even during sleep, if needed.

The product comes in a presentation box and for later use packs safely into a small practical container suitable for pockets and handbags.

The main unit (the ear plug instrument) is separately packed, pre-installed, designed in an instant ‘Plug and Play’ ready for use unit, offering the optimal functional strength needed for the most of us. Start using the instrument always in this form.

Only if needed, the instrument can be adjusted for its functional strength with these reserve parts (4 different pressure chambers = mouthpieces) which comes with the product in this separate case. The product comes with a handy User Guide with the diagram of the instrument, explaining how it works and how to make adjustments if required using the alternative parts if needed by the user to fulfill the different individual needs and levels of protection the user may require.

Because the instrument is carefully designed to buffer the sudden changes in the ambient air pressure, they can be used in pairs as ‘anti Air Pressure ear plugs’ to limit the discomfort with full time protection during the whole flight, while maintaining the protection for motion sickness and protecting your ears from dangerous noise and air pressure levels against tinnitus. Even when wearing the ear plugs in both of the ears, they does not affect your normal balance control and you can still clearly hear the cabin announcements i.e. during takeoff, flight and landing.

Using Lapponia Ear Plugs to help reduce nausea and motion sickness by balancing the inner ear.

Using a motion sickness wristband that uses acupressure to help with pulse points to take your mind off the nausea. Or even a Relief Band that sends small electrical pulses to that area to help disrupt the nausea signals to the brain.

Even travel sickness sweets and ginger can help relieve motion sickness.

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