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About Sunday Afternoons



Sunday Afternoons was founded by Robbin and Angeline Lacy in the late 80's, making weatherproof blankets for jaunts out to parks with their children. With the off-cuts of the blankets starting to pile up, they hatch a plan to sew them into sun hats to sell alongside their blankets. Their first style was a hit, and so Sunday Afternoons was born - named in honour of their favourite family downtime.

About the brand:

Sunday Afternoons was born in the Great Northwest, home to freedom seekers, outdoor lovers, free spirits and the young at heart. That's why for over 25 years the Sunday Afternoons family has been creating the perfect hat to cover just about any adventure. As lovers of the great outdoors themselves, Sunday Afternoons have always felt that home is where your hat is.

  • Sunday Afternoons are hat experts - they have been perfecting their hat making craft for over 25 years. They make premium products for people who appreciate the difference.
  • They are inventors - their pursuit for better is relentless. Ingenuity (and good old persistence) is what drives their unique designs and patented innovations.
  • They are outdoor lovers - they are passionate about and inspired by the outdoors. They strive to make everyone's outdoor experience better and to promote and support natural spaces, wild places and endeavours that celebrate being outside.
  • They are family - their company is family owned and they have grown to be a family of employees, customers, vendors and community partners. They build products for the whole family and enthusiastically welcome everyone to join them in enjoying all the outdoors has to offer.

Products and Sustainability:

With a focus on sun protection, durability and functionality, Sunday Afternoons offer a wide range of products suitable for any adventure. The Charter Collection offers a variety of brim lengths to choose from, with added ventilation and breathability to lightweight functionality, UPF 50+ Protection, Sunglass Lock, Interior Adjustable Sizing, Mesh Crown Ventilation and DWR Finish in the Charter, Charter Escape, Charter Breeze and Charter Storm. The Adventure Collection offers durable hats that convert, stashes easily and protects from the elements. Offering UPF 50+ Protection, wide folding brims, neck capes and DWR finishes in the flagship original Adventure style, Adventure Stow Cap, Adventure Mesh Cap and Ultra Adventure.

Sunday Afternoons practice sustainability throughout its operations and many of their products are made from recycled materials, are Bluesign certified, use Coolcore chemical-free technology, and have PFC-free DWR finishes. You can read more about the sustainability practices at Sunday Afternoons and here.

Care and Packability:

When living, working and playing outdoors, you need hats that stand up to all of life's adventures. With proper care, packing and use, Sunday Afternoons hats are guaranteed to last for as long as you stand under them. Sunday Afternoons are designed to withstand any outdoor adventure. Many can be washed using a gentle soap and cold water, others require careful spot cleaning and some require special care where no water or soap should be used. Always read the care instructions on the label of your hat and follow these tips to ensure your hat stays in great shape:

Sunday Afternoons hats are functional in that most of them can be packed away safely while you travel. There are many different styles of hats that can either be crushed, folded, nested, packed flat or rolled. Watch the video below to see which option is suitable for your hat:

Today, Sunday Afternoons offers more than 80 styles of hats and accessories and is known for its durable, stylish and functional headwear. Throughout this whole journey, one thing has remained the same - the love of spending time outdoors with the family on a Sunday Afternoon!