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About Travel John Disposable Urinals

When and where can I use TravelJohn™ Urine Bags?

It’s never a fun situation when you’re on the go, and you have to go. That is exactly why they created TravelJohn™ urine bags and solid waste collection kits. Everyone, including women and children, can use TravelJohn™ products when there are no clean toilets available.

Is it designed for men, women and children?

Yes, TravelJohn™ is gender-friendly. The spout (urinal collar) has been designed to accommodate all genders and sizes. The contour shape fits perfectly along the body for spill-proof usage. The spout is rigid, therefore it is easy to hold during use, especially if the bag becomes heavy.

  • Ergonomically designed for everyone!
  • Men-Women-Children
  • Unisex adapter design allows ease of use, maximizes comfort, and prevents spill
  • Because LIQSORB® absorbs any liquid and has no messy powder, it is also great as a vomit bag for motion sickness.

Is there any odour after it is used?

No! TravelJohn™ is odourless immediately after use. The special polymer blend locks odors inside the spill-proof, leak-proof urinal bag.

Is the TravelJohn™ urinal & solid waste bags spill resistant?

Yes, each TravelJohn™ bag includes a patented LIQSORB® pouch which is made of non-woven fabric. This fabric traps solidified content within the plastic bags and prevents leakage at the source.

After the TravelJohn™ urinal is used or filled to maximum capacity, does it need to be closed or sealed at the funnel to avoid spills?

No. The revolutionary patented LIQSORB® polymer pouch locks all gel inside immediately, providing a spill-proof bag that can be stored safely without leakage.

How should I dispose of the TravelJohn™ urinal? Can I throw it into the general waste?

Yes. Non-Toxic, non-hazardous TravelJohn™ products can be disposed of in any general waste container.

Is the TravelJohn™ urinal bag biodegradable?


Does the TravelJohn™ urinal bag include any after-use-wipes?

Yes, we currently offer many varieties of TravelJohn™ urinal bag and they include anti-septic moist wipes.

How long does it take to absorb the urine?

Depending on the temperature and volume of urine, it takes only 5 to 10 seconds.

How many times can the TravelJohn™ urinal bag be used? What is the capacity and is it reusable?

It can be used continuously until it is full without leakage, spills or odors. The capacity is about 800ml. It is designed for disposable and can be used until it is full, then thrown away for sanitary disposal. This is slightly different for the Travel John Juniors, as they have a 600ml capacity.

What makes TravelJohn™ products better than other brands on the market?

TravelJohn™ products have no loose powder inside so there is no leakage and no mess. All absorbent materials are encapsulated within their patented non-woven pouch that makes TravelJohn™ the most advanced system available. In addition, the spill-proof, leak-proof polymer pouch instantly gels and deodourizes liquids within seconds, for the first truly sanitary, odour-free method of waste disposal for men, women and children.

How big is the TravelJohn™ urinal bag? What are the dimensions and how much does it weigh?

The TravelJohn™ weighs only 40g before use. It is 5″x 2″x 1″ when folded and can fit easily into a pocket, purse, glove compartment or toolbox.

Why do I need TravelJohn™ unisex urinals?

Urinary Tract Infections and other diseases are caused by infrequent urination or use of unsanitary facilities. TravelJohn™ reduces the risk of exposing the user to this type of situation, therefore, reducing the chance of contracting UTI.

Who uses TravelJohn™ products?

TravelJohn™ products can be effectively used by anyone without access to clean toilets. This includes fire fighters, telecommunications workers, construction workers, emergency rescue teams, small aircraft pilots, window cleaners, landscapers, equipment workers, truckers, and roofers and recreationists to name a few.