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About Us

Travel Essentials
Purple Turtle was born during the long night watches whilst sailing from Britain to South America with three young daughters. Great fun was had by all (at times!) but there was still an awful lot of time to fill in whilst sailing. The favourite game on board was 'shops', but what started as a bookshop rapidly evolved into a newsagent/travel agent/bank/cafe/hair dressing salon, and then finally internet sales.

This evolution was inspired by the versatility of the shops we came across during our travels, and once the seed was sown I was never allowed to forget the idea of the internet shop. This then represents the germination of that seed, but it has yet to grow and blossom, and only time will tell whether it has fallen on fertile or stoney ground....

But why Purple Turtle? Turtles were a recurring feature throughout the voyage, often turning up when they were least expected and most appreciated, particularly when sailing through the odd gloomy patch, and so Purple Turtle was born.

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or write to: Purple Turtle, Unit 7 Rising Sun Industrial Estate, Blaina, Abertillery, NP13 3JW