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Accessories for SE Asia

Often travelling to different places the need for security and protection of personal belongings is necessary.

Accessories for SE Asia

  1. TrekRite Leech Proof Over Socks

    Water Resistant Leech Proof over socks with cotton 'feet' for practicality and comfort when trekking through rain forests and bogs.
  2. Craghoppers Dry Bag - 10L (CER5065)

    It's a simple concept, stuff your 10 litre Dry Bag with whatever you want to protect, seal it and voila! No more damp clothes or soggy passports.
  3. TrekRite Rucksack Liner (100L)

    Tough, hard wearing and waterproof liner to fit most rucksacks up to 100 litres.
  4. Design Go Rucksack Liner

    Protect the contents of your rucksack when travelling from the rain and damp with this handy liner.
  5. Craghoppers Money Belt (CUX0010) - Black

    Style - hidden pocket belt bank
    Compartments - 1 zipped pocket
    Suitable for - emergency cash
    Features - adjustable sizing
  6. Design Go Travel Glo Luggage ID (Ref 568)

    Dimensions - 12cm L x 4.5cm W
    Number of Tags - 2
    Suitable for - to identify a case quickly
  7. LifeVenture Travel Door Lock (72060)

    An essential security device for travellers on a budget.
  8. LifeVenture TSA Zipper Lock (72020)

    Uses a durable and flexible cable shackle to help ease it through zip tags.
  9. Design Go Travel Combination Link Lock (Ref 891)

    Style - Combination link lock 25mm
    Number of Dials - 3 and has a
    80cm steel cable
    Suitable for - linking together items
  10. Design Go Travel 20mm Combination Padlock (Ref 331)

    Style - Combination Padlock 20mm
    Number of Dials - 3
    Suitable for - larger clasp or zips
  11. Design Go Travel USB Adaptor - UK to America (626)

    Has dual USB functionality and can also be used to adapt UK 2 or 3 pin plugs to American style sockets.
  12. Design Go Travel Passport Pouch (Ref 604)

    Style - discreet passport pouch
    Compartments - 2 zipped, 1 open
    Suitable for - passports & money
    Features - adjustable neck strap
  13. Design Go Travel Holster Wallet (Ref 616)

    Style - hidden holster wallet
    Compartments - 2 zipped pockets
    Suitable for - travel documents
    Features - large pockets
  14. Purple Turtle Leech Socks

    Worn like a second pair of socks inside your boots - they pull up over your trousers and knees to create a leech proof barrier.
  15. LifeVenture Money Belt

    Style - hidden pocket belt bank
    Compartments - 1 zipped pocket
    Suitable for - emergency cash
    Features - sliding metal buckle
  16. Design Go Travel Trans-World Adaptor - UK to America (526)

    Can be used to adapt UK plugs to fit sockets in the US, some Caribbean islands, Canada, Thailand, Mexico and other places.


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