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After Sun Treatment

Aftersun is perfect for soothing and cooling your skin after a long day at the beach. They also prolong your tan, smell good and take the relief out of the tingling sensation brought on by burning.

After Sun Treatment

  1. Australian Gold Moisture Lock Aftersun (237ml)

    Extend the life of your tan whilst retaining the moisture in your skin, whilst nourishing and conditioning at the same time. Perfect for your Holiday.
  2. Australian Gold Soothing Aloe Gel Aftersun (237ml)

    This Australian Gold Soothing Aloe Gel is an oil-free gel you should really always have with you on holiday.
  3. Australian Gold Aloe Freeze Gel Spray Aftersun (237ml)

    Soothing and cooling spray to ease discomfort from over exposed skin.
  4. Aloe Up Aloe Ice Sunburn Relief Jelly (118ml Tube)

    Contains 96.9% Aloe Vera Gel to moisturize and promote healing, reliving pain and reducing itching from sunburn.
  5. Malibu After Sun Continuous Gel Spray with Aloe Vera

    Provides instant relief to sun exposed skin and it contains Aloe Vera extract to promote healing and restore moisture.
  6. Malibu Ice Blue Cooling After Sun Gel - 200ml

    Malibu Ice Blue feels cool on the skin, soothing sunburn and providing relief and much needed moisturisation after a day in the sun.
  7. Incognito After Sun Moisturiser with Insect Repellent 200ml

    Contains Aloe Vera and Sunflower Wax to moisturise your skin and Organic Java Citronella to help protect you from biting insects.
  8. Incognito Suncream SPF 25 with Insect Repellent

    Factors - SPF 25
    Protection - UVA & UVB
    Application - 150ml tube
    Features - insect repellent


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