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  • Aspivenin Pump for Insect Bites and Stings Aspivenin Pump for Insect Bites and Stings

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Aspivenin Pump for Insect Bites and Stings

Vacuum extraction kit with 3 different nozzles that can be used to draw out the poison from insect bites and stings. Read more...
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The Aspivenin is a precision made vacuum pump that can be used to draw out the poison from insect bites and stings quickly, easily and painlessly, thereby reducing irritation and the risk of an allergic reaction.

To use, simply pull out the plunger to prepare the device, and then as you push it in a continuous vacuum is created in the suction cup over the wound site which gently draws out the poison from the bite or sting. It only takes about a minute in the case of a mosquito bite, 90 seconds for wasp stings and up to 3 minutes for more serious attacks.

The Aspivenin has been proven to work in the most hostile of environments and it can be effective against bites or stings from all of the following:
- Wasps - Bees - Horseflies - Sand Flies - Hornets - Biting Ants - Mosquitoes -
- Spiders - Scorpions - Snakes - Venomous Fish - Jelly Fish - Stinging Plants -

The Aspivenin is supplied in a waterproof case with instructions for use and three different suction cups, varying in size from small to large. There are now more than 4 million in use worldwide, making it easier for people to approach the great outdoors with confidence.


How to Use

Aspivenin Vacuum Pump        Select the nozzle size most suitable for treating the bite or sting and attach it to the pump. Pull the plunger out to its full extent (or halfway for small children).
Aspivenin Vacuum Pump        Apply the nozzle directly onto the skin, making sure it covers the area of the bite or sting. Push the plunger fully home without letting go or lifting the nozzle.
Aspivenin Vacuum Pump      Allow the Aspivenin to draw the venom from the wound for between 1 and 3 minutes, depending on the severity of the bite or sting.
Aspivenin Vacuum Pump         Lift the plunger with the end of your thumb to release the pressure and wipe the wound clean with antiseptic.

Feefo Reviews - Average 100% (25 reviews)

Date Score Customer Comment Our Response
25-Jun-2019 Product:

I already have an earlier version and have found it very effective on wasp stings. I bought this one for my daughter to keep in her car, after she was stung during her school's sports day.
07-Oct-2018 Product:

31-Aug-2018 Product:

This product is just the ticket! Without using lotions and potions just pump the bite and the itchiness goes.
16-Aug-2018 Product:

Have used before, gave to my daughter so didn't want to be without one!
23-Jul-2018 Product:

Easy to use & compact , just the thing for summer
03-Jul-2017 Product:

Already knew this item replaced my old broke one
12-Jun-2017 Product:

This is an excellent product for dealing with any insect bite. I used it before this one is for my son.
05-May-2017 Product:

Great...thanks...brilliant service
25-Apr-2017 Product:

Exactly to the discripttion
08-Sep-2015 Product:

Not used this one but it has been bought as a replacement, so I know it does what it says
10-Aug-2015 Product:

30-Jun-2015 Product:

Just what the doctor ordered.
30-Sep-2014 Product:

Had this product before it always works
07-Aug-2014 Product:

This is my second one, would never travel without one!
22-Jul-2014 Product:

have used a friends and it was great, not used this one yet, but they do work great.
30-Jun-2014 Product:

Does the job would recommend it
01-Jun-2014 Product:

23-May-2014 Product:

This was a replacement for my original model that was about 6 years old - I could not be without this pump for insect bites etc it really is wonderful
06-Sep-2013 Product:

Use it as soon as you get a bit and it works brilliantly
05-Sep-2013 Product:

This is an excellent product which can be used with ease. Very effective. Also came in a tidy container which saves rummaging about for all the 'bits'.
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