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Product Name:Design Go Travel Back Support
Design Go Memory Foam Lumbar Support (458)Design Go Memory Soft Seat
Design Go Travel Inflatable Super Foot Rest (476)
Design Go Travel Back Support (Ref 451)Design Go Travel Super Foot Rest (Ref 476)
Weight103g520g 579g169g
Dimensions32cm x 22cm x 12cm28cm x 27cm x 12cm43cm x 28cm x 8cm39cm x 31cm x 15cm
StyleInflatable lumbar supportLumbar pillowTravel cushionInflatable foot rest
FabricPVC soft polyesterMemory foamMemory foam & soft fibreFleece top
FeaturesHelps relieve back acheRemovable, washable coverCorrect anatomical supportAlleviates tired feet and legs
The Purple Turtle Says…“Provides support for your lower back
during long flights or car journeys when the seat isn’t quite right for you and it doesn’t provide the necessary lumbar support”
“Designed to mould to the contours of the lower back, this memory foam lumbar support pillow is ideal for back pain sufferers”“Designed to provide correct anatomical support, it moulds to fit the body’s natural contours”“Its use may help contain in-flight swelling, DVT and knee pain, especially on long-haul journeys”