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Product Name Design Go Memory Foam Lumbar Support LifeVenture Soft Fibre Cushion Design Go Travel Back Support Design Go Travel Super Foot Rest Design Go Memory Soft Seat
Price £14.95 £8.95 £6.75 £12.95 £14.95
Weight 520g 140g 103g 169g 579g
Dimensions 28cm x 27cm x 12cm 25cm x 36cm x 8cm 32cm x 22cm x 12cm  39cm x 31cm x 15cm 43cm x 28cm x 8cm
Style Lumbar pillow Inflatable lumbar pillow Inflatable lumbar support Inflatable foot rest Travel cushion
Fabric Memory Foam Soft fibre  PVC soft polyester Fleece top Memory foam and soft fibre
Features Removable, washable cover Removable, washable cover Helps to relieve back ache Alleviates tired feet and legs Correct anatomical support
‘Designed to mould to your lower back to support you while on long journeys.’ ‘A supportive cushion that has been permanently treated with an anti-bacterial formula for freshness.’  ‘Can be used as a pillow as well as lumbar support, with a layer of foam and fleece for added comfort.’ ‘Perfect for helping alleviate in-flight swelling, DVT and knee pain during long-haul flights.’  ‘Helps to relieve the discomfort of sitting for long periods of time and can be attached to luggage for ease of transportation.’