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Bed Bug Sheet Selection Guide

Product NameLifesytems Bed Bug Under Sheet (Single)Lifesytems Bed Bug Under Sheet (Double)Care Plus Bug Sheet (Single)Pyramid Bed Bug Guard Sheet & Pillow Case (Single)Pyramid Bed Bug Guard Sheet & Pillow Cases (Double)
Price £9.95 £12.95 £9.95 £11.95 £14.95
Holes per Square Inch 1001 1001 156 300 300
Weight 120g 250g 150g 200g 350g
Colour Black Black White White White
Treated With EX8 impregnation EX8 impregnation Durallin Zi fabric impregnation Zi fabric impregnation
Size Unpacked 2m long x 1m wide 2m long x 1.45m wide 2.2m long x 1.1m wide 2m long x 1m wide 2m long x 1.5m wide
Size Packed 17cm x 9cm 19cm x 10cm 16cm x 9cm 15cm x 10cm 15cm x 12cm
Pillowcase included? No No No Yes - 1 pillowcase Yes - 2 pillowcases
All Suitable for Youth hostels and hotels where sheets may not get changed as regularly or provided. As an insect screen or for repairing mosquito nets. On a mattress and pillowcases. As a groundsheet or floor covering. On pushchairs (drape over the chair to provide quick protection).