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Camping Accessories

The accessories that can make or break a camping trip - whether it be at festivals, trips to the beach or wandering in the wilds.

Camping Accessories

  1. Craghoppers Dry Bags

    It's a simple concept, stuff your Dry Bag with whatever you want to protect, seal it and voila! No more damp clothes or soggy passports.

    From: £8.95 To: £16.95

  2. Lifeventure Ultralight Dry Bags

    Fabric that is light and flexible and seams that are fully taped so you can use them as rucksack liners to protect your belongings from the elements.

    From: £9.95 To: £22.95

  3. Coghlans Dry Bag - 10L

    Made from lightweight Rip-Stop fabric which packs down better than a traditional bulky Dry Bag.
  4. Coghlans Dry Bag - 25L

    Made from lightweight Rip-Stop fabric which packs down better than a traditional bulky Dry Bag.
  5. TrekRite Rucksack Liner (100L)

    Tough, hard wearing and waterproof liner to fit most rucksacks up to 100 litres.
  6. Water Soluble Laundry Bags x 50

    Large plastic bags that split open at the water soluble strip that runs along the length of each bag when it is immersed in hot water.
  7. Regatta Matio Picnic Rug

    A comfortable roll away Picnic Rug that works brilliantly at home in the garden, for lunch in the park or for lounging on at festivals.
  8. Highlander Picnic Blanket

    A waterproof, durable picnic blanket that packs down small and has a handy carry handle. Ideal for picnics, beach and festivals.
  9. Coghlans Utility Strap

    This fantastic piece of kit can be used for almost anything.
  10. Design Go Penknife

    With this many tools in one place can you really afford not to take one on your travels?
    RRP : £9.95
  11. Strider Folding Water Carrier (15 Litre)

    A space saving water carrier - perfect on the campsite or at a festival.
  12. Coghlans GI Can Opener

    A handy can opener to have with you whilst out and about that will easily slip into your wallet for safe keeping.
  13. LifeVenture Flight Bottle Set (64210)

    Make sure that you are prepared with this handy and airport compliant travel set.
  14. Coghlans Sierra Cup

    A multi-purpose stainless steel cup that is lightweight and perfect for when you are staying outdoors.
  15. Coghlans Folding Bucket

    Great for bringing water to your camp site or remote location.
  16. Coghlans Chow Kit

    Three piece stainless steel knife, fork and spoon set clip together for easy carrying and storage.
  17. Disposable Corded Ear Plugs - Five Pairs

    Whether at home or travelling everyone should have some ear plugs handy to drown out the noise and get a good rest.
  18. Design Go Rucksack Liner

    Protect the contents of your rucksack when travelling from the rain and damp with this handy liner.
  19. Craghoppers Wash Line & Plug (CUX0021)

    If you're heading for far-flung climes, you might want to consider packing this neat kit that ensures you'll have the wherewithal to wash and dry your gear in the most basic accommodation.
  20. LifeVenture Travel Clothes Line (64120)

    Easy to use with no need for pegs, the twisted cords act to trap the corners of clothes, towels etc.
  21. Coghlans Survival Aid

    This 5 in 1 lightweight survival tool is brilliant to have with you when out and about for those 'just in case' moments.
  22. LifeVenture Duct Tape 5m Roll (8235)

    If you’re going on an adventurous trip, don’t leave home without a roll of duct tape.
  23. Highlander Solar Shower

    Perfect for camping and festivals with black polyvinyl material that attracts sunlight warming the water.
  24. Coghlans Cord-Lok

    A fast, secure, efficient way of holding drawstrings tight.
  25. Design Go Bottle Opener

    Just the thing to have with you on your travels - you never know when you might require assistance.
  26. LifeVenture Travel Bath and Sink Plug (64100)

    This travel sink and bath plug allows you to block the drain hole and use sinks and baths as intended.
  27. Highlander Folding Sit Mat

    Style - Folding sit mat
    Fabric - foam with woven fabric
    Dimensions - 30cm x 39cm x 1cm
    Features - rubber grips
  28. LifeVenture Universal Travel Sink Plug (64110) Large

    This travel sink and bath plug allows you to block the drain hole and use sinks and baths as intended.


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