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Dry Bags & Stuff Sacks

These handy, water-resistant bags are great for keeping your clothes and valuables dry and safe. You can even use them to take your washing home!

Dry Bags & Stuff Sacks

  1. Craghoppers Dry Bags

    It's a simple concept, stuff your Dry Bag with whatever you want to protect, seal it and voila! No more damp clothes or soggy passports.

    From: £7.95 To: £16.95

  2. Lifeventure Ultralight Dry Bags

    Fabric that is light and flexible and seams that are fully taped so you can use them as rucksack liners to protect your belongings from the elements.

    From: £9.95 To: £22.95

  3. Coghlans Dry Bag - 10L

    Made from lightweight Rip-Stop fabric which packs down better than a traditional bulky Dry Bag.
  4. Coghlans Dry Bag - 25L

    Made from lightweight Rip-Stop fabric which packs down better than a traditional bulky Dry Bag.
  5. Coghlans Nylon Dunk Bag

    Nylon bag that will not mildew - ideal for use as a laundry bag, tote bag or toy bag.
  6. Coghlans Pack Pillow

    Style - Storage pillow
    Fabric - 100% Nylon
    Dimensions - 37cm x 50cm
    Features - washable
  7. Coghlans Ditty Bag Set

    Ideal see through organiser bags for personal and camp items.
  8. TrekRite Emergency Bivi Bag

    100% waterproof high visibility survival tool - perfect for emergency shelter in bad weather and for use in survival situations.
  9. TrekRite Rucksack Liner (100L)

    Tough, hard wearing and waterproof liner to fit most rucksacks up to 100 litres.
  10. Design Go Rucksack Liner

    Protect the contents of your rucksack when travelling from the rain and damp with this handy liner.
  11. LifeSystems Survival Bag (2090)

    A strong and lightweight survival bag which is designed to reduce the loss of vital body heat and therefore the risk of hypothermia.
  12. Water Soluble Laundry Bags x 50

    Large plastic bags that split open at the water soluble strip that runs along the length of each bag when it is immersed in hot water.
  13. Coghlans 8mm Karabiner

    Allows you to attach keys, clothing, tools and more to your bag so you'll never lose anything again.
  14. Coghlans Cord-Lok

    A fast, secure, efficient way of holding drawstrings tight.


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