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Festival Season

Festival Season is almost upon us! Take a look at our great range of products - portable loos, packable wellies and the all important poncho!

Festival Season

  • Getting wet is half the fun, and the other half is trying to stay dry - so have a look at our range of products from poncho's, pop up hats and disposable clothing.

  • Fancy going days without a shower? Eww, no! Take some dry shampoo and wipes with you for home comforts. Just because you're in a field doesn't mean you want to smell like one!

  • Festival toilets are never a pleasant experience - so why not take a toilet with you that you won't have to share with 1000's of others?

  • When your party time is over and in desperate need of sleep, the cwtch of a sleeping bag and a nice dry groundsheet sounds amazing, have a look...

  • When day turns to night and you need to find your tent among a million others, a torch is needed!

  • When out and about or travelling the water supply can't always be trusted, so it makes sense to go prepared.