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Festival Favourites

Festival Favourites

  • Getting wet is half the fun, and the other half is trying to stay dry - so have a look at our range of products.

  • Handy pre-packed kits ideal for festivals, backpacking or when you need everything, just in smaller sizes.

  • Never forget to pack your wellies again or lug them around unnecessarily when you may not need them.

  • Festival toilets are never a pleasant experience - so why not take a toilet with you that you won't have to share with 1000's of others?

  • Ideal for travelling, this comprehensive range of extra layers will keep you cosy and liners to use in hostels and hotels.

  • The accessories that can make or break a camping trip - whether it be at festivals, trips to the beach or wandering in the wilds.

  • Used extensively by astronauts these products are now available to everyone from right here on Earth.

  • When out and about or travelling the water supply can't always be trusted, so it makes sense to go prepared.

  • Widely tried, tested and trusted for a multitude of activities from the extreme cold to the extreme heat.

  • Can be easily removed and quickly changed just by unfastening the sides, born out of real travel experience.

  • Make great decorations and are suitable for use outside with Provence or Citronella insect repellent tealights.

  • Perfect for hot summer days to provide much needed protection and comfortable relief from the sun.

  • Our selection of key rings, lanterns and head, hand and wind up torches will ensure you're never left in the dark.

  • UCO stands for Utility, Comfort and Originality and are second to none for camping in the wilderness.

  • Perfect for the seasoned festival goer who isn't afraid to embrace the chilly evenings.