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Product Name Citronella Candle-in-a-Jar Citronella Glo Lites Provence Candle in a Glass – with Lavendin The Buzz Citronella Candle in a Glass Gone Outdoors Citronella Candle in a Glass
Fragrance Citronella Citronella Lavender Citronella Citronella
Price £2.95 £4.25 £4.95 £2.95 £3.50
Burn Time Up to 20 hours 20 – 30 hours Up to 20 hours Up to 22 hours Up to 15 hours
Colour Yellow Yellow White White White
Pack Size 1 1 1 1 1
Dimensions 7cm wide x 7cm high 10cm wide x 11cm high 7cm wide x 8cm high 8cm wide x 8cm high 6cm wide x 8cm high
Weight 226g 480g 400g 270g 300g
Lovely fresh smell also good for keeping bugs away.” Very efficient and also pleasant looking.”  “Good quality candle, excellent price.”   Lovely containers, a smart addition to a garden party where style is as important as usefulness.”
“One of our most popular candles – it works wonders.” “Perfect for those summer evenings relaxing in the garden.” “Why not try something different from Citronella? Some people swear by lavender.” “A lightweight, low price Citronella candle. What more could you want?” “A standard insect repellent candle that makes any night a cosy one.”