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Product Name Gone Outdoors 8 LED Flashlight LifeSystems Intensity 180 LED Torch LifeSystems Intensity 600 LED Torch Highlander Solar Dynamo Torch Highlander Corvus Robber Torch Highlander Gallus Stretch Torch Design Go 9 LED Torch’ Gone Travelling Bullet Light
Brand Gone Outdoors LifeSystems LifeSystems Highlander Highlander Highlander Design Go Gone Travelling
Price £3.95 £19.95 £27.70 £4.95 £2.50 £2.95 £4.95 £3.95
Brightness/LED 8 LED 180 Lumens 600 Lumens 3 LED Unknown Unknown 9 LED 6 LED
Bulb Type LED LED LED LED Halogen  Krypton  LED LED
Batteries 2 x AA (not included) 2 x AA (included) 2 x CR123A Lithium (included) Solar/Hand Crank Powered 2 x AA (not included) 4 x AA (not included) 3 x AAA (included) CR2032 Lithium (included)
Battery Life Unknown 40 Hours 15 Hours 30 Minutes Solar Charge = 10 Minutes power | 1 Minute Crank = 20 Minutes power 2 Hours Unknown Unknown Unknown
Length and Weight 14cm – 58g 15cm – 214g 14cm – 168g 9cm – 50g 16cm – 68g 16cm – 168g 11cm – 150g 5cm – 60g
“Received for Christmas, I was shocked how good this little torch is, could possibly benefit from a rechargeable option… but hey, it’s great” “Quite simply the best torch I have ever used. The ‘brilliance’ is outstanding and illuminates quite a large area. Excellent for camping and the outdoors and small enough to be easily pocketed” “Really useful torch for a festival, lasts a very long time on little charge.” “Great little touch which kicks out a great light. I wanted a small torch to keep in my bag as I start work at 5am and needed a torch to look over my lorry, going to buy a second one as so happy with this one.”
“Cheap, Cheerful, Light Weight” “Incredible light output, can get hot if left on high for a long time” “Amazing light output, lightweight – I even have one myself” “Good in an emergency” “Not the most powerful, but good in an emergency” “Perfect for campsites, can be used as a spotlight, a lantern or a regular torch” “Available in 3 colours, small enough to just pop it in your pocket” “As compact as can be, comes with a lanyard and carabiner so you can keep it with you at all times”