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Colourful, vibrant and extremely busy! India can be quite a culture shock - read our Travel Tips page for a quick guide.


  • Lightweight and wicking fabric is a must for this hot and busy country.

  • Whilst most clothing is available quite cheaply in India, it is a good idea to pack some insect repellent garments for evenings when mosquitoes are most likely.

  • Between the crowds and the commotion it is easy to get distracted and lose track of your valuables so always keep them close.

  • Due to lack of drainage and sanitation, India can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes as they like to lay their eggs on stagnant water.

  • With large crowds and often scorching temperatures the best option is to have the most protection with light airy clothing and of course a hat.

  • Think limited toilets (or unfamiliar bathroom habits) and prepare by taking some home comforts on your travels - particularly feminine products as these are not readily available.