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Jungle Formula Repellent

Jungle Formula Repellent

  • Jungle Formula Medium Insect Repellent is great for providing protection at home or on a short haul trip to Europe where insects are more of a pest than a real danger. It contains 20% DEET and it is said to be suitable for use by children from the age of 3.

  • Jungle Formula Maximum is the new name for Jungle Formula Extra Strength and it contains 50% DEET. It's a serious product, for use in serious conditions, where it provides maximum protection from insect bites and the associated danger of insect born diseases like Malaria, Yellow Fever, Japanese Encephalitis and Dengue Fever.

  • Jungle Formula Sensitive Insect Repellent contains 20% IR3535 - an insect repellent that was developed by MERCK as an alternative to DEET. It is an effective product and works very well against midges and other biting insects in European and North American environments.

  • Jungle Formula Natural Insect Repellent contains 40% Citriodiol - the trade name for the essential oil that is found in the leaves of the Eucalyptus Citriodora tree. It provides effective protection against midges and mosquitoes in European and North American environments.

  • The Jungle Formula Plug-In Mosquito Killer kills mosquitoes, midges and other small flying insects by releasing a long lasting, odourless insecticide vapour from the diffuser. One plug in device is suitable for an average sized room and it should last for up to 45 nights.

  • Jungle Formula Bite & Sting Relief Spray effectively soothes and relieves the discomfort and itching of bites and stings. It's also ideal for spraying on nettle stings and rashes.