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Luggage Locks & Labels

Scales, tags and locks. Too many to choose from? Let our Luggage Locks Guide takes the guess work out of securing your valuables.

Luggage Locks & Labels

  1. Design Go Travel 2 Luggage Straps (Ref 225)

    Dimensions - 170cm L x 2.5cm W
    Number of Straps - 2
    Suitable for - full cases or to identify
    a case quickly
  2. Design Go Travel Bag ID Set (Ref 572)

    Dimensions - Large: 6cm L x 2cm W
    Small: 4cm L x 1.5cm W
    Number of Tags - 4
    Suitable for - to identify a case quickly
  3. Design Go Travel Glo Luggage ID (Ref 568)

    Dimensions - 12cm L x 4.5cm W
    Number of Tags - 2
    Suitable for - to identify a case quickly
  4. Design Go Travel 20mm Brass Padlock - Twin Pack (Ref 171)

    Style - Twin pack Brass Padlock 20mm
    Number of Keys - 6 total
    Suitable for - lockable cases
  5. Design Go Travel 20mm Padlock - Twin Pack (Ref 173)

    Style - Twin Padlocks 20mm
    Number of Keys - 4 total
    Suitable for - lockable cases
  6. Design Go Travel 20mm Combination Padlock (Ref 331)

    Style - Combination Padlock 20mm
    Number of Dials - 3
    Suitable for - larger clasp or zips
  7. Design Go Travel 25mm Padlock - Twin Pack (Ref 709)

    Style - Twin pack brass padlocks 25mm
    with plastic coating
    Number of Keys - 6 total
    Suitable for - durability
  8. Design Go Travel 25mm Brass Padlock (Ref 325d)

    Style - Brass Padlock 25mm
    Number of Keys - 3
    Suitable for - larger clasp or zips
  9. Design Go Travel Combination Link Lock (Ref 891)

    Style - Combination link lock 25mm
    Number of Dials - 3 and has a
    80cm steel cable
    Suitable for - linking together items
  10. LifeVenture TSA Zipper Lock (72020)

    Uses a durable and flexible cable shackle to help ease it through zip tags.
  11. LifeVenture Travel Door Lock (72060)

    An essential security device for travellers on a budget.
  12. Design Go Travel Sentry Strap (Ref 342)

    Dimensions - 170cm L x 5cm W
    Number of Straps - 1
    Suitable for - inspection by
    American security personel
  13. LifeVenture Luggage Scales (77010)

    Brilliantly simple to use, and essential for avoiding unnecessary airline charges for overweight luggage.
  14. Design Go Bag Handy (503d)

    Can be attached securely to any cafe, bar or restaurant table allowing a handbag to be suspended from its metal hook.
  15. Design Go Bag Hanger (502d)

    Don't be fooled by its quirky, fun design - once unfurled, it can be attached securely to any cafe, bar or restaurant table.


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