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Meridian Zero

The Meridian Zero range of products is intended primarily for sailors - but many of them are suitable for use by everyone when travelling or out and about.

Meridian Zero

  1. Anti Spider Repellent Spray

    Specifically designed to quickly and reliably repel spiders using a natural Citrus aroma that spiders hate.
  2. Kumfy Kushn

    Style - Inflatable cushion
    Fabric - PVC soft polyester
    Dimensions - 46cm x 40cm x 30cm
    Features - can be used 4 ways
    RRP : £9.95
  3. Pre-washed Denim Sun Hat

    The imperfections in weave and colour are the special feature that give the look and feel of favourite, well worn headwear.
  4. Pre-washed Denim Baseball Cap

    Ideal for casual wear and for stuffing in a pocket when not in use.
  5. Sea Water Shampoo and Shower Gel 300ml

    Type - Shampoo & Shower gel
    Use - fresh water & salt water
    Suitable for - hair and body
    Feature - suitable for sailing trips
  6. Chums Rescue Whistle

    Blasts on a whistle can be heard further away than shouting - can you really afford not to have one in your survival kit?
  7. Kingslite 1 Watt LED Pocket Torch

    A handy and compact pocket torch to have with you for all eventualities making sure you'll never be left in the dark!
  8. Kingslite 1 Watt LED Hand Torch

    This handy, lightweight torch is perfect for camping, fishing or general outdoor and home use.


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