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Head Nets, Hats & Clothing

Head Nets are vital if you're travelling to areas where midges and mosquitoes are prevalent. Take a look at our Head Net comparison to see which one is for you!

Head Nets, Hats & Clothing

  • A head net to go under a hat or wear on it's own are usually tubular in shape and can be close to the face. They help protect you from midges and other flying insects.

  • If you prefer to have a bit more breathing room but still want protection, a dome-shaped head net that goes over a hat will be just the thing!

  • Want to go one step further? Then try a hat that has the head net incorporated, perfect if you don't have a favourite hat already in mind.

  • Clothing made from mosquito netting - a sanity saver if you're under sustained attack from a swarm of midges or mosquitos!