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Product Name Highlander Midge and Mosquito Jacket Beaton’s Midge Jacket Coghlans Bug Jacket Pyramid Midge and Mosquito Jacket
Price £17.95 £27.95 £17.95 £27.50
Midges or Mosquitos? Midges and mosquitos Midges and mosquitos Midges and Mosquitos Midges and mosquitos
Holes per Square Inch 600 1000 1150 600
Colour and Visibility Green – Average Green – Good Brown – Average Dark green – Good
Waist and Cuff Fastenings No Elasticated fabric cuffs
and elasticated waist.
Elasticized drawstring waist and cuffs. Drawstring waist and
elasticated cuffs.
Will it fit over a hat? Yes Yes  Yes – with difficulty Yes – easily
Chest Diameter Small – 60cm
Medium – 62cm
Large – 68cm
XLarge – 70cm

Kids – 54cm
Small – 77cm
Medium – 80cm
Large – 80cm

Small – 70cm
Medium – 78cm
Large – 80cm
XLarge – 82cm

Small/Medium – 67cm
Large/XLarge – 72cm
Jacket Length/
Trouser Length
Small – 58cm
Medium – 58cm
Large – 60cm
XLarge – 65cm
Kids – 59cm
Small – 63cm
Medium – 68cm
Large – 72cm
Small – 74cm
Medium – 80cm
Large – 90cm
XLarge – 90cm

Small/Medium – 75cm
Large/XLarge – 81cm

Arm Length Small – 39cm
Medium – 41cm
Large – 41cm
XLarge – 41cm

Kids – 38cm
Small – 45cm
Medium – 45cm
Large – 45cm

Small – 44cm
Medium – 46cm
Large – 46cm
XLarge – 46cm

Small/Medium – 45cm
Large/XLarge – 52cm
Is it supplied with a pouch? Yes – drawstring and toggle pouch. No – supplied in a clear plastic packaging. No – supplied in a cardboard box Yes – drawstring and toggle
Weight  Average of 85g Average of 110g. Average of 148g Average of 227g
Customer Comments “Brilliant product.
The wee beasties couldn’t get in”
– Kathryn Brennan
“This jacket has proved perfect,
I have now ordered mittens as
the only bits of me bitten were my hands.” – Trusted customer.
“Very roomy and fit for purpose” – Trusted customer. “You look like a numpty but a bite
free numpty, so what’s not to love?” – MsKaz
“Smaller fitting than most
– better to get the next size up”
“The working jacket,
practical and convenient”
‘Bigger than average, perfect for comfort” “Our biggest seller,
this midge jacket has proven
it’s self over the years”