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Mosquito Net Selection Guide

Mosquito nets are available in many different shapes and sizes for different applications and the mesh size and insecticide treatment can also vary.
The questions below should help clarify what you want and you can then use the decision tree to direct you to the appropriate net. You can click the links and they will take you to the correct page on the website.

Single or double?

– Single nets are smaller, lighter and more compact, so it makes them great for back packing and travelling light.
– Double nets should fit most size beds, making them more spacious and airy. It also means they are cooler in hot and humid climates.

(We also sell Lifesystems Bell Net King Size for the even bigger beds)

Compact or slightly bulkier – meaning how far and how often will you be carrying your net?

– Compact nets are smaller and lighter which makes them an important bit of kit if you’re back packing or travelling light.
– Bulkier nets mean more room inside but obviously heavier and bigger to carry, better for the hotel stay.

Pop up or suspended? Will there be something to hang it from?

– Pop up nets are self supporting and can be used anywhere, inside and out. This means you don’t have to find somewhere to to hang it from or damage any ceilings in doing so!
– Suspended nets need to have somewhere where you’re able to hang it from, this may be 1 point or four. They are lighter and less bulky than the pop up as they don’t have a supporting frame.

Treatment? Do I want standard, long life or no treatment?

Nets are usually treated with a contact insecticide to deal with any insects that find their way inside the net. The treatment is not harmful to humans as its an insecticide but it deters insects and neutralises any that find their way inside the net.

– Standard treatment can last for 3 – 6 months but much less if the net is washed.
– Long life treatment can last for 2 – 3 years and remains effective even after 20 – 30 washes.
– No treatment is sometimes used in low risk environments where insects are more of a nuisance than a danger.

What’s the difference in mesh size (holes per square inch)?

– 150 to 400 holes per square inch – relatively large holes – proof against mosquitos and cooler for hot and humid climates.
– 400 to 600 holes per square inch – relatively small holes – proof against midges and mosquitoes.

Mosquito Net Selection Guide – Decision Tree

1) Mosi Net Single

2) Mosi Net Double

3) Wedge Single

4) Wedge Double

5) Bell Nets

6) Box Nets

7) Pop up nets and head dome nets