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Shop By Brand

  • Born out of encounters with the notorious Highland Midge, Beaton's midge protection range is a tried and tested practical choice.

  • Care Plus boasts an extensive range of products designed to keep travellers healthy, protected and prepared in all four corners of the globe.

  • Keeping you safe in the wilderness! A family run business from Canada, Coghlan's is recognised as a leading provider of outdoor and camping gear.

  • We've selected the best of DD Hammock's range of mosquito nets for travel in the tropics - perhaps the best gear of its kind available in the world!

  • Innovations for all occasions, Design Go boasts a wide selection of stylish but practical travel accessories for travellers of all ages.

  • The Highlander range is renowned for its reliable and high-quality products at an affordable price - we have selected their most popular items!

  • Built to survive adventure, Lifesystems is a worldwide manufacturer of high quality outdoor travel, medical and survival products.

  • Lifeventure is a worldwide manufacturer of practical, rigorously road tested outdoor and travel products that you'll trust to perform to a high standard.

  • Cut by our very own hand! Our very own Purple Turtle midge netting made from extremely fine netting to keep those pesky midges out.

  • Pyramid have developed an extensive range of insect repellents, mosquito nets, an after bite spray and travel hygiene products.

  • The Totally Herby range was formulated in Scotland using natural ingredients that help repel midges when they're on the warpath.