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Nozkon Nose Shields – Questions and Answers

A Nozkon is a protective nose shield. It’s made of a thin, soft, comfortable and ergonomically shaped foam outer shell with a thin, soft, textile inner pad. The Nozkon is lightweight and has a built in strap for attaching it to your glasses.

The NozKon nose shield has a UPF 50 and is used for protection from the sun as well as wind burn and cold.

When you first use the NozKon, try it on your sunglasses or glasses while looking in a mirror. With your glasses and NozKon on, undo the hook & loop strap and move the NozKon up or down your nose to get a perfect fit. Once you have it just right, press the hook & loop strap together to lock the NozKon in place.

The Nozkon is available in two sizes – Standard and Large. The Standard is fine for most people but the Large may be better if extra coverage is needed and it also has a longer strap for wrapping around large glasses or googles. If it is too large it can be trimmed to size with a pair of scissors. If your trim cut seems ragged, use a fingernail file to smooth down the edge.

Nozkon’s are available in 3 colours, black, white and tan. With the white coloured Nozkon, you can also make that skin coloured using your normal foundation. To make the Nozkon white again, just wash gently in warm water and mild soap, then air dry.

The Nozkon’s are equally effective whether trekking across a desert, sunbathing on a beach or playing cricket all day. It’s particularly useful for winter sports where UV radiation is reflected by the snowy whiteness and for sailing where the sun is reflected by the water and the sails. Nozkon’s are great for skiing, sailing, hiking, biking, yard work, or any outdoor activity where the sun or cold are intense and your nose needs protection. And as an added bonus for sailors – if your glasses fall in the water – the NozKon will keep them afloat! 

Yes, because of the buoyancy from the material, they can be used as a float for your sunglasses or glasses!

The Nozkon is ideal if you have had an operation or the skin is particularly sensitive or needs a permanent covering to prevent more damage. Once the skin has had time to heal, the Nozkon is perfect for protecting the nose because of the lightweight, UPF 50 fabric. Also, the Nozkon’s material allows you to soak it in water to provide additional cooling in the heat.