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Filtered Water Bottles

Has been described as the most advanced range of personal water purifiers available on the market today.

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  • water-to-go-75cl-bottle-combo

    Water-to-Go 75cl Water Filtration Bottles

    Volume - 750ml
    Weight - 138g
    Material - Plastic
    Features - 7 colours available


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  • Pyramid SafeHydrate Water Bottle

    Pyramid SafeHydrate Water Bottle

    Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, the Pyramid SafeHydrate Water Filter Bottle is the perfect way to enjoy great tasting, filtered water on the move.


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  • Water To Go Replacement Filter

    Water-to-Go 50cl Replacement Filters

    The Water To Go filter lasts approximately 2 months (130l) and comes with a "timestrip" telling you when to renew your filter.


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