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Pyramid Travel Products

Pyramid Travel Products

  • The Pyramid range of insect repellents for use both at home and abroad.

  • Sleep safe and sound inside one of the Pyramid fine-mesh mosquito nets, made with 300 holes per square inch and treated with long life insecticide.

  • Pestered by midges on your last holiday? Driven crazy while working outdoors? It's no fun being the target of a midge cloud. Next time, be prepared by choosing from our range of specially-designed head nets, plus protective jacket.

  • One of the most effective ways of maintaining good health when travelling is simply to sanitise your hands regularly and Hysan is perfect for this.

  • Go back to a bug free bed wherever your adventures take you, with Pyramid's bed bug solutions.

  • These great first aid packs contain an excellent range of swabs, dressings, bandages etc, all you need for your travels.