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Product Name No Rinse Waterless Shampoo Incognito Shampoo and Body Wash Sea Water Shampoo and Shower Gel Reynard Shampoo Caps LifeVenture Shampoo Leaves (62006) Friendly Soap Shampoo Bar LifeVenture Shaving Leaves (62008) Friendly Soap Shaving Bar
Price £7.95 £9.50 £9.95 £3.95 £2.95 £2.95 £2.95 £2.95
Type Shampoo Shampoo and body wash Shampoo and body wash Shampoo Shampoo – 50 leaves Shampoo Shaving – 50 leaves Shaving
Use Without water Fresh water Fresh and salt water Without water Fresh water Fresh water Fresh water Fresh water
Suitable for Hair Hair and body Hair and body Hair Hair Hair Shaving Shaving
Features No need to rinse Bergamot, tea tree oil and citronella  Suitable for sailing trips No need to rinse or towel dry Biodegradable Vegan Biodegradable Vegan
‘This ready to use shampoo cleans hair without the need for water, making it great for use at home or when travelling.’ ‘A versatile hair and body wash with anti-fungal properties while the citronella provides extra protection from biting insects.’ ‘Fantastic for use where water is scarce or rationed, and is specially formulated to counteract drying effects of wind, sun and salt on the skin and hair.’ ‘Perfect for camping or other activities when water is scarce – no need to rinse or towel dry!’ ‘Lightweight and portable, these leaves are ideal when travelling.’ ‘Eco-friendly and reducing the need for plastic bottles, each bar should last as long as three bottles of liquid shampoo!’ ‘Portable and lightweight, they also come in a watertight case for ease of travel.’ ‘Add hot water, a brush and a bowl to whip up a velvety lather that works best after a bath or shower.’