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Feetz Pocket Festival Wellies are designed to fit over your shoes and hence it is the outer size of your shoes that determines which size would be most suitable, rather than just your usual shoe size.

The Feetz sizes given in the table below are based on the size of an average trainer – so if your trainers are size 6 – 8 you need Medium size Feetz. Consequently, if you plan to wear small shoes or pumps you should take a size down, and if you plan to wear large boots or bulky trainers you should take a size up.

Alternatively, you could measure the length and breadth of your shoes and match it with the dimensions given in the table below.

SizeLength (cm)Width Ball of Feet (cm)Width Heel End (cm)
Extra Small – Size 2-4269.57.5
Small – Size 4-62811.58.5
Medium – Size 6-83012.510
Large – Size 8-103213.510.5
Extra Large – 10 – 123415.511