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Product Name Highlander Active Wash LifeVenture Soap Leaves (62000) Care Plus Travel Soap Leaves Incognito Luxury Soap with Citronella and Coconut Oil Incognito Luxury Loofah Soap with Citronella Klenz Shower in a Towel Friendly Soap Travel Soap Bar Friendly Soap Guest Soap
Type 40 disposable leaves 50 disposable leaves 50 disposable leaves 100g bar Soap enclosed in a loofah Pre-moistened towel 95g bar 20g bar x 4
Use Fresh water Fresh water Fresh water Fresh water Fresh water Without water Fresh water Fresh water
Suitable for Hair, body and clothes Body Body Hands and body Body Body Hair, hands and body Hair, hands and body
Features Water resistant case Biodegradable Pocket sized Citronella Citronella Alcohol and fragrance free Vegan Vegan
‘Easy to use in a convenient carry case – perfect for travelling or camping trips.’ ‘Perfect if you need to travel light, these portable disposable leaves will keep you clean on the move.’ ‘You only need a little water to work up a lather, making these leaves perfect for camping or other adventures!’ ‘Free from parabens, this soap also makes you less attractive to biting insects – an added bonus!’ ‘A gently exfoliating loofah with a beautifully citronella scented soap hidden inside for a fresh and insect repelling scrub.’ ‘Perfect for travel, sports, camping or festivals, this versatile towel is pre-moistened so you don’t need to find a water source in order to have a quick freshen up.’ ‘A great little space-saver while travelling, this soap does it all!’ ‘An eco-friendly soap that would make a perfect gift for the avid traveller in your life – or you can treat yourself!’