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STV Pest Control

A private UK company specialising to specific products for specific pests - offering a comprehensive range for all your pest problems.

STV Pest Control

  • Citronella has been used in candles and mosquito coils for many years as an insect deterrent. Great for the garden or any outside space!

  • Take a look at the STV range of Spider repellents, wasp killers and traps.

  • There's nothing worse than trying to get rid of flies! Hearing that little buzz while you're trying to relax or eat can be a pain, so have a look at these traps and sprays.

  • Bed bug and fleas are not nice! Take a look at these powder and sprays to help get rid of the unwanted little creatures.

  • A great range of portable zapper units, traps and plug ins for use inside and out when pests threaten to ruin your day.