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Sun Hats

Sun Hats

  • Heading out? Don't forget your hat! Sunday Afternoons has been making hats for over 20 years for everyone and everything under the sun.

  • Practical and robust, these are classics for a reason. Reliable protection from the sun, and some even come with insect repellent properties.

  • Legionnaire style hats provide unrivaled UV protection to the back of the head and neck where it is harder to apply sunscreen to sensitive exposed skin.

  • Perfect for hot summer days - and they can even double as a fan! Made from a printed cotton fabric with a bamboo frame that can be folded for easy storage.

  • All the benefits of a wide brimmed hat without the hassle of carrying something big and bulky. Perfect for when the sun doesn't know what it's doing!

  • Their versatility is legendary and can often prove to be invaluable when travelling. Will double as a head covering, face mask or towel - and that's just for starters!