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Sunday Afternoons supports organisations, going above and beyond to conserve the land, water and skies that sustain us all. Every day Sunday Afternoons are taking steps to make their hats more durable, sustainable and socially responsible, from innovative craftsmanship and ethical manufacturing to meaningful conservation. Sunday Afternoons are always challenging themselves to go Beyond the Brim!

Ethical Manufacturing:

Sunday Afternoons collaborate with vendors, third party auditors and industry organisations to continuously improve working conditions, prioritise employee well being and lessen the environmental impacts of their manufacturing processes. Sunday Afternoons is committed to a safe and healthy working environment for its employees and partner organisations, in addition to environmental responsibility in their supply chain. With vendor relationships across Asia and Mexico, they have implemented Code of Conduct Agreements with manufacturing and sourcing partners.

As a member of the Outdoor Industry Association and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Sunday Afternoons use the Higg index to measure social and environmental impacts across all aspects of their business, from sourcing and manufacturing to retail. The Higg index is a suite of tools that enables brands, retailers and facilities of all sizes – and at every stage of their sustainability journey – to accurately measure and score a company’s or product’s sustainability performance. The Higg index delivers a holistic overview that empowers businesses to make meaningful improvements that protect the well being of factory workers, local communities and the environment. This valuable assessment helps Sunday Afternoons to improve their operations and reduce their environmental footprint year after year.

Bluesign and Oeko-Tex:

Sunday Afternoons strive to select fabrics that are lower impact alternatives to conventionally sourced textiles. All of their technical fabric mills are Bluesign certified or Oeko-Tex 100 Standard and meet the standard requirements for consumer and environmental safety. Bluesign certified fabrics comply with strict environmental standards to improve the environmental impact of the fabrics Sunday Afternoons use. These standards are based on five principles including resource productivity, consumer safety, water emission, air emission and occupational health and safety. Oeko-Tex is an internationally recognised association for research and testing in the field of textile and leather ecology. By Sunday Afternoons aligning with their strict code of ethics, they are able to assure customers that the purchases they made adhere to fair, honest and socially responsible practices from start to finish. Approximately 98% of Sunday Afternoons fabrics are Bluesign certified or meet the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard.

PFC-Free Durable Water Repellent (DWR) & Coolcore:

DWR finish is a coating added to fabrics to make them water resistant. The DWR Sunday Afternoons previously used was long-chain (C8) fluorocarbon-based treatment that is effective and durable. Unfortunately, its byproducts, such as perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), are toxic and persist in the environment. When Sunday Afternoons became aware of the potential negative impact of PFCs, they knew they needed to find an effective PFC-free DWR solution. Beginning with their Spring/Summer 2020 collection they removed PFCs from their DWR treatments on all new styles and have transitioned to safer alternatives on carryover styles for human health and the environment.

Why should PFCs be removed? PFCs aren’t natural and don’t break down in the environment. Scientists have found traces of PFCs in the environment and early studies have shown that they are harmful to living organisms. Research is still being done on how PFCs get into the environment as there is still a lot to learn.

Sunday Afternoons also use chemical-free cooling technology called Coolcore which offers a patented chemical-free technology designed to rapidly cool and and wick away moisture through regulated evaporation. Best of all, it won’t wash out over time. Coolcore cooling technology is built into the fibres of the fabric and keeps its cooling properties for the life of the garment. Several of Sunday Afternoon’s styles are also made from natural plant-based fibres.

In Summary:

Sunday Afternoons is committed to eliminating chemicals of concern where possible in their fabrics, materials and trims. To that end, they created a Restricted Substances List in 2018 that meets and exceeds all applicable regulatory requirements and distributed it to all vendor partners.

Sunday Afternoons are continuously reusing cardboard and shipping materials at their factories as they strive to lower their footprint. Sunday Afternoons are not only committed to giving back to the wild places they love, but they also care to minimise their impact, both on the trail and in their sourcing and manufacturing. Every year they take additonal steps towards more sustainable practices when making their hats and accessories. They strive to implement responsible design principles wherever possible, which is why they use recycled fabrics. Many styles in their collection are now made from 100% recycled polyester main body fabrics. Their recycled polyester is high performing and sourced from post-consumer recycled materials made from plasic bottles and all products are guaranteed for life.