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Product Name:Australian Gold LotionSafe Sea with Jellyfish ProtectionAloe Up Sport Continuous Clear Spray Aloe Up White Collection Continuous Clear Spray Incognito SunscreenMalibu SPF50 Lotion
Australian Gold Sunscreen Lotion - SPF50Safe Sea Sunscreen SPF 15 with Jellyfish ProtectionAloe Up Sport Sunscreen Continuous Clear Spray - SPF50Aloe Up White Collection Continuous Clear Spray - SPF 50Incognito Suncream SPF 25 with Insect RepellentMalibu SPF50 Tube
Price£13.95£11.50£17.50£12.95 – £14.95£21.95£5.95
Factors15, 30 & 500, 40, 50 & Kids15, 30 & 5030 & 502550
Application237ml squeezy bottle118ml Lotion & Spray177ml Aerosol Spray177ml Aerosol Spray150ml tube150ml tube
FeaturesWater ResistantReef Safe & Jellyfish ProtectionWater & Sweat Resistant, plus it is also Reef FriendlyWater & Sweat ResistantInsect Repellent and the tube is made from sugarcane plastic which has a positive carbon footprint and is 100% recyclableWater Resistant
The Purple Turtle Says…“Creates a beautiful, smooth finish, by softening and conditioning your skin with natural sunflower oils”“Developed to help protect against the stinging mechanism of most Jellyfish, Sea Nettle, Sea Lice and Coral. It contains unique, patented ingredients that deactivate the stinging mechanism, leaving you safe and sound”“Designed with extreme conditions in mind and has been used in sports ranging from skiing to surfing. The water-resistant formula provides reliable protection from harmful UV rays, while the Aloe Vera base and the addition of cocoa seed butter help to moisturise your skin”“Can be applied quickly and evenly without having to rub it in and is infused with a refreshing Coco-Mango scent”“A revolutionary tri-action suncream, moisturiser and insect repellent”“Has a light and fresh aroma in a non-whitening, easy to apply formula that provides reliable protection form UVA and UVB radiation”