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Survival Accessories

Accessories for repair, outdoor walking and adventuring. From duct tape, bear bells and grippers to glow sticks!

Survival Accessories

  1. LifeSystems Mountain Whistle (2240)

    A whistle is recommended as an essential item for people in the outdoors.
  2. LifeSystems Safety Whistle (2250)

    A loud whistle for attracting the attention of persons in the outdoors.
  3. Chums Rescue Whistle

    Blasts on a whistle can be heard further away than shouting - can you really afford not to have one in your survival kit?
  4. LifeSystems Survival Whistle

    A loud whistle for attracting the attention of persons in the outdoors.
  5. Highlander Fleece Blanket

    Great for taking on the plane or to have to hand whilst enjoying the summer evening in the garden.
  6. LifeVenture Travel Mirror (9380)

    A great travel mirror and they're unbreakable.
  7. LifeSystems 15 Hour Lightsticks (Pack of 2)

    These Lightsticks are primarily designed as emergency signalling devices. Each Lightstick lasts for up to 15 hours.
  8. TrekRite Rucksack Liner (100L)

    Tough, hard wearing and waterproof liner to fit most rucksacks up to 100 litres.
  9. Design Go Rucksack Liner

    Protect the contents of your rucksack when travelling from the rain and damp with this handy liner.
  10. LifeVenture Duct Tape 5m Roll (8235)

    If you’re going on an adventurous trip, don’t leave home without a roll of duct tape.
  11. Craghoppers Duct Tape 5M (CUX0023)

    Duct tape has a thousand-and-one uses and comes in handy when you're travelling if you need to attach a makeshift washing line or make a repair to your luggage.
  12. Design Go 5M Duct Tape

    An essential item to be part of any travellers kit - multi-functional and practical.
  13. Coghlans Coloured Vinyl Repair Tape

    For life's little emergencies when you're on the road and on the go!
  14. Coghlans Coloured Nylon Repair Tape

    For life's little emergencies when you're on the road and on the go!
  15. Coghlans Coloured Duct Tape

    For life's little emergencies when you're on the road and on the go!
  16. Strider Folding Water Carrier (15 Litre)

    A space saving water carrier - perfect on the campsite or at a festival.
  17. Coghlans Sportsman's Pocket Saw

    Strong enough to cut through wood, metal and plastic.
  18. Coghlans Folding Shovel

    Perfect for the boot of your car or in the shed. The only shovel you will ever need.
  19. Coghlans Cord-Lok

    A fast, secure, efficient way of holding drawstrings tight.
  20. Coghlans Ditty Bag Set

    Ideal see through organiser bags for personal and camp items.
  21. Coghlans 4mm Karabiners (2 pack)

    Allows you to attach items onto your belt loop or backpack on your travels to ensure your valuables are always close to hand.
  22. Coghlans 8mm Karabiner

    Allows you to attach keys, clothing, tools and more to your bag so you'll never lose anything again.
  23. Coghlans 6mm Karabiner with Compass and Key Ring

    This handy piece of equipment makes your hikes a doddle.
  24. Coghlans 20" Stretch Strap

    A tight-knit polypropylene strap for superior wear resistance - the ultimate in cargo straps!
  25. Coghlans Sleeping Bag Bungee Cord

    A convenient and easy way to fasten sleeping bags to your backpack.
  26. Highlander Paracord (30m)

    An essential item in any survival kit and can be used for a multitude of camping situations.
  27. Highlander Hand Warmer Solid Fuel Sticks

    Solid fuel sticks for use with the Highlander Solid Fuel Hand Warmer.
  28. Highlander Rechargeable Hand Warmer - Twin Pack

    Great for cold days whether at home or abroad when gloves just wont do the trick.
  29. Highlander Instant Hand Warmer

    Perfect for a cold winter day when just a little bit of warmth can make a big bit of difference. Easily carried in a pocket or bag.
  30. Highlander Easy Grippers

    Simple and effective in mud, snow and ice without the need for heavy boots that come out a couple of times a year.
  31. Highlander Snow and Ice Grippers

    These effective winter accessories will ensure that whilst out and about in hazardous conditions you do not slip, fall and injure yourself.
  32. Craghoppers Dry Bags

    It's a simple concept, stuff your Dry Bag with whatever you want to protect, seal it and voila! No more damp clothes or soggy passports.

    From: £7.95 To: £16.95

  33. Coghlans Bear Bell

    If you go out in the woods today you're sure of a big surprise, If you go out in the woods today you better go in disguise or even wear a Bear Bell!
  34. Highlander Paracord Bracelet

    Great for emergency repairs, this bracelet can be worn on the wrist or clipped to a backpack - and when it's unwound it's 2.4m long!
  35. Design Go Travel Blanket (466)

    This plush travel blanket will keep you snug and warm at home and when travelling.
  36. Lifeventure Ultralight Dry Bags

    Fabric that is light and flexible and seams that are fully taped so you can use them as rucksack liners to protect your belongings from the elements.

    From: £9.95 To: £24.95


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