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Product Name Citronella Maxi Tea Lights Citronella Tea Lights 10 Pack Citronella Tea Lights 25 Pack The Buzz Citronella Tea Lights UCO Tea Lights UCO Citronella Tea Lights Provence Tea Lights 10 Pack Provence Tea Lights 25 Pack
Fragrance Citronella Citronella Citronella Citronella N/A Cintronella Lavender Lavender
Price £2.50 £1.95 £3.95 £2.95 £3.95 £4.95 £3.50 £6.95
Burn Time 10 – 15 hours Up to 4 hours  Up to 4 hours Up to 4 hours 3 – 4 hours 3 – 4 hours  Up to 4 hours Up to 4 hours
Colour Yellow Yellow Yellow White White Blue Cream Cream
Pack Size 4 10 25 18 6 6 10 25
Dimensions 5.7cm wide x 2.2cm high 3.7cm wide x 1.5cm high 3.7cm wide x 1.5cm high 3.9cm wide x 1.7cm high 3.8cm wide x 1.5cm high 3.8cm wide x 1.5cm high 3.7cm wide x 1.5cm high 3.7cm wide x 1.5cm high
Weight 40g 14g 14g 16g 13g 13g 14g 14g
“Smell nice so good to use indoors as well as outside and last a long time.” “very good product won’t use anything else” These candles are definitely doing their job, as I haven’t been bitten by mossies since they have been lit.” “So the boring but essential part of any review. They arrived on time, if not early. Yae. Neat little box. Work instantly and last for hours. Nice smell.” “Works well outside in light winds.” “Exactly as it says on the box – burn a good bit longer than the el cheapo off the shelf ones too, which is a good thing and worthy of the cost premium.” “I have had these tea lights before and they are excellent at keeping the insects away. So much better than anything containing Deet which smells so awful.” “A milder smell to the citronella makes a welcome change.”
“Bigger than your average tea light – with a great burn time” “Cheap and cheerful – enough to make any insect fly away” “The price is great and so is the citronella fragrance” “Made with real citronella oil, these are a must for those summer evenings” “Designed for use with the UCO Mini Candle Lantern” “Designed for use with the UCO Mini Candle Lantern to keep insects at bay” “Why not try something different from citronella? Some people swear by lavender” “The softer scent of lavender makes you relax and all your worries disappear (as well as the midgies)”