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Product Name Care Plus Ticks 2 Go Tick Remover Care Plus Tick Remover Tweezers Smidge Quick Untick Smidge Untick Card Pyramid Tick Remover Tick Lasso Lifesystems Tick Remover Tweezers O’Tom Tick Twister
Price £3.95 £3.95 £5.50 £5.95 £3.95 £6.95 £2.95 £4.50
Weight (g) 10g 23g 10g 15g 15g 22g 18g 4g
Type Twister Tweezers Twister Card Twister Lasso Tweezers Twister
Description An easy to use twister tool that makes removing ticks easy and hassle free. Has pincer jaws that are opened by pressing a button on the end and then closed by releasing the button after placing the base of the tick within the mouth of the jaws. The jaws are shaped to grip the tick tightly, allowing it to be removed. Allows easy, safe removal of any size of tick with a just quick twirl. A credit-card sized device that is perfectly designed to remove ticks quickly and easily. It also incorporates a magnifying glass to help inspect the tick. Includes two sizes of tool per pack, meaning you can remove both large and small ticks. Suitable for removing ticks from your skin or your dogs. Tick removal made quick and easy – simply extend the lasso, place it over the tick and then twist and lift away to remove the tick. This tool is ergonomically designed to remove ticks efficiently, without leaving the head buried under the skin. A quick and easy way to remove ticks from both people and animals, regardless of their size or location. Each pack contains two twisters – a large one for adult-sized ticks and a smaller one for larvae and nymph ticks.
Might be worth attaching this to your keys, as it’s small, it’s easy to get lost! Has two handy alcohol swabs for disinfecting the site of the bite after the tick has been removed. Comes with two size twisters for minimal stress to the tick. Again, find a safeplace, as it’s easy to lose them. Easy to store, can fit in your wallet and the magnifying glass makes removing a doddle. Handy to carry in your pocket or attached to your keys. One of the best! Suitable for use with children and pets, and the length of the device makes it easy to use in ears, thick fur or hair and other difficult places. For people who find holding tweezers easier, this one is perfect for you. One of the originals and does what it says on the tin.