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Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials

  • Everything you need for a long or short plane journey including warm blankets and flight socks

  • Keep the children distracted and preserve your sanity with favorites old and new.

  • No one likes to arrive at their destination tired from an uncomfortable journey, so we have the little things to make your trip a little easier.

  • Practicality and peace of mind in a single handy pouch - go with the one that suits you best.

  • Locks, labels, straps and scales so both you and your luggage arrive together!

  • Pick-pockets have always been a worry, but they can be thwarted with a money belt or pouch. With an option for added protection using RFiD Technology - can you really afford not to protect yourself abroad?

  • When in Rome do as the Romans do - so take an adapter to plug in your gadgets...

  • Don't forget your Mini Hair Straighteners and Travel Kettle! Is life worth living without them?

  • And Lo! There was Light! Buy one now to shine a light through the darkness!

  • Everything you need for both long and short trips and anything in between.

  • From umbrellas to poncho\'s, everything to keep you dry when the weather takes a turn for the worse...

  • Great for surfing, wet weather and travelling, these sacks keep all your valuables safe, secure and dry!

  • Perfect for when you are travelling, providing an extra layer of warmth.

  • A good range of Hammocks for use in the garden or for braving the outdoors and sleeping under the stars.

  • The little things that make a big difference if you forget to take them with you on your travels.