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First Aid

First Aid

  • Your next mishap may be just around the corner, so make sure you're prepared with a handy First Aid Kit!

  • For day trips to the local park or expeditions to the jungle - choose what's best for you and your group.

  • Poor hygeine abroad can be a worry and even worse if you have an accident or fall ill - so be prepared.

  • Everything you need to ensure that your feet don't suffer as a result of your explorations and adventures.

  • If you do overdo it in the sun don't forget to apply some after sun treatment as soon as possible.

  • Need help dealing with the aftermath of the bugs and beasties that make it through your defences? Then take a look at our after bite treatments.

  • up your First Aid Kit and make sure you're prepared for any eventuality be it at home or abroad!

  • Sick Bags close at hand can be very reassuring and a big confidence booster for anyone feeling queasy.

  • Anti-bacterial hand and surface cleansers for use at home and whilst out and about.