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Travel John Comparison Table

Product NameTravel JohnTravel JaneTravel John JuniorTravel John PaperTravel John Sick and Urine BagsTravel John Solid Waste
Travel John Disposable UrinalTravel Jane Disposable UrinalTravel John Junior Disposable UrinalsTravel John Paper UrinalsTravel John Sick BagsTravel John Solid Waste Collection Kit
Pack Size3 urinals3 urinals3 urinals4 urinals5 units3 units
UseUrineUrineUrineUrineSick and UrineSolid Waste
Accessories AvailableIncludes 3 antiseptic wipes Includes 3 antiseptic wipes Includes 3 antiseptic wipesCardboard Funnel and plastic lined paper bag to avoid leaksA plastic lined, paper bagA bag within a bag and 3 antiseptic wipe
FeaturesLIQSORB® pouch that absorbs up to 800mlLIQSORB® pouch that absorbs up to 800ml LIQSORB® pouch that absorbs up to 600ml LIQSORB® pouch that absorbs up to 800ml LIQSORB® pouch that absorbs up to 800ml LIQSORB® pouch absorbs and deodorizes the liquid.
“Small and lightweight, this unisex, portable toilet can be reused until full and absorbs up to 800ml of liquid.”“Fits snug to the body to minimise leaks and absorbs the liquid to form a gel, making it easy to dispose of.”“With the same size funnel as the Travel John and Travel Jane, the Junior can also be used by adults, however the slightly smaller bag makes it convenient for children.”“For a more environmentally friendly option, the paper urinal can be reused until full.”“Large, leakproof paper bag with ‘peel and seal’ adhesive strip for closing and sealing the bag after use.”“Designed primarily for use with a portable toilet or commode, but it could also be used on its own in an emergency without too much trouble.”