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Travel Kits

Travel Kits that have been made up with you in mind! Everything in one kit for your safari, your backpacking trip, or your camping holiday. All in one pack, saving you time and money!

Travel Kits

  1. Wash Kit

    Handy to use again and again, this waterproof toiletry bag has all your toiletries in. Perfect for a trip away!
  2. Eco Friendly Wash Kit

    Our Eco Friendly wash kit has the environment and your holiday in mind. With biodegradable toiletries and a waterproof toiletry bag to keep it all in.
  3. Hand Luggage Kit

    The Hand Luggage kit does what it says on the tin! One handy pack all under 100ml for your weekend break.
  4. Camping Kit

    Our Camping Kit is perfect for your impromptu weekend trip! Keep in your car or rucksack ready for when the mood takes you, a handy all in one pack.
  5. Festival Essentials Kit

    We have you covered so you can pick up and go to see your favourite acts without worrying about the morning after.
    RRP : £25.78
  6. Ultimate Festival Kit

    The Ultimate Festival Kit will ensure a warm nights sleep, light to see by and a back up portable urinal for when you just have to go.
    RRP : £48.23
  7. Deluxe Festival Kit

    This kit is for the hardcore festival goer! Where fun is more important than practicality and an off the cuff adventure is more appealing than a planned one.
  8. Travel Sickness Kit

    The perfect kit for anyone who suffers from travel, motion, sea, air or even morning sickness!
  9. Morning Sickness Kit

    A combination of three of our most popular products at a bargain price - Sea Bands, Queasy Drops and Sick Bags.


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