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Product Name Care Plus MicroFibre Towel LifeVenture MicroFibre Trek Towel Craghoppers MicroFibre Towel LifeVenture Compact Trek Towel Craghoppers Compact Towel LifeVenture SoftFibre Trek Towel LifeVenture HydroFibre Trek Towel LifeVenture SoftFibre Lite Towel
Price From £9.95 £24.95 £14.95 £7.95 £7.95 £9.95 £7.95 £16.95
Sizes Available S, M, L L, XL, XXL L, XL S, M, L XS XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL XS, L, XL L, XL, XXL
Weight 130g – 425g 220g – 380g 235g – 335g 130g – 295g 50g 40g – 280g 24g – 130g 120g – 205g
Packed Size

8 – 11cm dia,

15 – 24cm long

Ventilated stuff sack.

34 – 43cm dia,

15 – 18cm long

Compact Ristop carry case. 

36 – 43cm dia,

17 – 21cm long

Ventilated stuff sack.

28 – 33cm dia,

15 – 20cm long

Ventilated stuff sack. 

19cm dia

10cm long

Stuff sack with karabiner.

24 – 34cm dia,

11 – 20cm long

Ripstop case.

24 – 25cm dia,

11 – 18cm long

Compact Ripstop case.

24 – 30cm dia,

11 – 14cm long

No case.

Fabric MicroFibre that can absorb 7 times it’s own weight in water. MicroFibre that dries up to 6 times quicker than a beach towel. Holds 5 times its own weight in water and has drying loops attached for quick drying on the move. Permanent odour control technology and can absorb 9 times its own weight in water. Absorbs 3 times its own weight in water. Absorbs 9 times its own weight in water and dries 8 x quicker than a conventional towel. Treated with odour control technology and absorbs up to 5 times its own weight in water. Absorbs 6 times its own weight with anti-bacterial technology.

The Purple Turtle Says
‘Substantial towels for the seasoned traveller.’ ‘An anti-bacterial treatment that won’t wear out.’ “Not the smallest when packed so suitable for a less dynamic break.” “Duke of Edinburgh Award recommended kit.” ‘A face and hand towel – best for lightweight, minimalist travel.’ ‘Wide range of sizes available.’ ‘Quickest drying.’ “The lightest of the larger towels.”