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Product Name:Craghoppers Adventure Walking Pole (CHP024)Craghoppers Travel Compact Walking Pole (CHP023)TrekRite Advanced Hiking PolesTrekRite Classic Hiking PolesTrekRite Compact Hiking Poles TrekRite T Handle Pole (Single)
TrekRite Advanced Hiking Poles BlueTrekRite Classic Hiking Poles BlackTrekRite Compact Hiking Poles BlackTrekRite T Handle Pole
Weight285g280g255g per pole245g per pole240g per pole304g
Dimensions65 to 135cm65 to 135cm55cm x 136cm 62cm x 135cm
ColourBlack and CadetBlackBlueBlackBlackBlack
FeaturesEasy use lever lock adjustment and camera attachmentPackable, size adjustable, easy use lever lock adjustmentThere’s an extra anti-shock facility, which can be turned on or offThey telescope neatly away when not in useHand luggage friendlySolid, safe and secure locking mechanism
The Purple Turtle Says…“Give your walking a boost with this high-performance walking pole. Amazingly light, yet superbly strong, the twin aluminium construction takes the strain out of any hilly trek”“This shorter pole is small enough to pack away and take on your travels, as well as creating added stability on any surface”“They have removable snow and mud baskets, which can be attached near the base of the pole and are designed to prevent sinking in soft ground or snow”“Features an anti-shock facility for steeper hills and removable rubber ferrules for easier ground”“Lightweight and can be stored neatly away in rucksacks and hand luggage making them ideal for holidays and trips abroad”“The comfortable moulded T shaped handle supports, while the anti-shock facility saves elbow strain on steep hills”