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UK based family business specialising in their own brand of hiking poles and walking accessories. Improving fitness in the great outdoors!


  1. TrekRite Pole Storage Bags

    A carry bag for Trekrite poles, and all trekking poles up to 70cm in length.
  2. TrekRite Mud Baskets (One Pair)

    Standard mud/snow baskets for general use to help stop your hiking poles sinking into mud or snow.
  3. TrekRite Large Snow Baskets (One Pair)

    Large Snow baskets for use in winter to help stop your hiking poles sinking into snow.
  4. TrekRite Ferrules (One Pair)

    Basic protection for the TrekRite Walking Poles to extend the life of the pole and improve grip on hard surfaces.
  5. TrekRite Walking Feet (One Pair)

    Specialised walking feet for TrekRite Walking Poles for use on flat, dry ground.
  6. TrekRite Rucksack Liner (100L)

    Tough, hard wearing and waterproof liner to fit most rucksacks up to 100 litres.
  7. TrekRite Emergency Survival Bag

    100% waterproof high visibility survival tool - perfect for emergency shelter in bad weather and for use in survival situations.
  8. TrekRite Compact Camping Pillow

    Style - Travel pillow
    Fabric - 100% polycotton
    Dimensions - 38cm x 28cm x 8cm
    Features - carry bag included
  9. TrekRite Leech Proof Over Socks

    Water Resistant Leech Proof over socks with cotton 'feet' for practicality and comfort when trekking through rain forests and bogs.
  10. TrekRite Active Hiking Poles - Black (One Pair)

    The TrekRite Active poles are great for hiking, trekking and power walking with their lightweight and versatile construction.
  11. TrekRite Advanced Hiking Poles - Blue (One Pair)

    Made from super lightweight 7075 Duralumin aluminium alloy and weigh just 255g per pole.
  12. TrekRite Womens Hiking Poles - Purple (One Pair)

    Made from lightweight 6061 aluminium alloy and weigh just 260g per pole (not including accessories).
  13. TrekRite Womens Hiking Poles - Teal (One Pair)

    Made from lightweight 6061 aluminium alloy and weigh just 260g per pole (not including accessories).
  14. TrekRite T Handle Pole (Single)

    Featuring a comfortable, moulded 'T' handle for support with an adjustable wrist strap for added security.
  15. TrekRite Classic Hiking Poles - Black (One Pair)

    Classic by name and design - with simple attachments that make these poles versatile for most terrains.
  16. TrekRite Compact Hiking Poles - Black (One Pair)

    These hiking poles are made from a super-lightweight aluminium alloy and can be collapsed into four sections for packing away neatly.
  17. TrekRite Pole Clips (One Pair)

    A pair of clips to keep your hiking poles together for ease of storage and transport.


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