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Queasy Drops and Preggie Pop Drops

What are Queasy Drops and Preggie Pop Drops?

Queasy Drops and Preggie Pop Drops are boiled sweets that were developed by healthcare professionals in the USA to provide relief from the nausea experienced during Morning Sickness.

What’s the difference between Queasy Drops and Preggie Pop Drops?

Only the name! Queasy Drops are good for Morning Sickness, but they also help with Travel Sickness where people might not want to be seen taking Preggie Pop Drops…

So how do they work?

The ingredients include a range of essential oils derived from natural sources which act via aromatherapy and taste receptors to inhibit negative taste sensations and calm the stomach. Specific tastes have been found to affect the nervous pathways stemming from the cranial nerves and research is ongoing into specific flavour stimulation of the trigeminal nerve associated with nausea relief.

Anything else?

They also help to eliminate the horrible dry mouth feeling that can accompany nausea, in addition to providing a much needed energy boost and something soothing and comforting to suck.

What are the ingredients?

Typically the ingredients are as follows:

Brown Rice Syrup, Evaporated Cane Juice, Natural Flavours (made with essential oils), Natural Colours (Tumeric, Red Cabbage, Annatto, Red Beet, Caramel).

There is also a Sugar Free version with the following ingredients:

Sucralose, Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate, Citric Acid, Natural Flavours (made with essential oils), Natural Colours (Turmeric, Red Cabbage, Annatto, Red Beet).

How many different flavours are there?

Lots! Lots of different flavours, so you can choose whatever works best for you. Lavender has been widely used in aromatherapy. Ginger is an ancient remedy for tummy troubles and research shows that Mint has been used for over a hundred years. Sour Fruit is said to be a great help during labour…

Queasy Drop Variety PackQueasy Drop Variety Pack – with Ginger, Banana, Sour Raspberry, Cola and Green Tea with Lemon flavours.
Queasy Drops Plus with HoneyQueasy Drop Plus with Honey – Ginger honey, Lemon honey and Eucalyptus honey flavoured
Queasy Drop Sugar Free Variety Pack –  with Ginger, Papaya, Cola, Banana and Sour Raspberry flavours.
Queasy Drop Sour Raspberry Pink PackQueasy Drop Pink – Sour Raspberry Pack all Raspberry flavoured.
Ginger Queasy DropsQueasy Drop Ginger Pack – all Ginger flavoured.
Natural Cola Queasy DropsQueasy Drop Cola Pack – all Cola flavoured
Preggie Pop Sour Fruit DropsPreggie Pop Drop Sour Fruit Pack – with Sour Raspberry, Sour Lemon, Green Apple and Sour Tangerine flavours.
Preggie Pop Green Apple DropsPreggie Pop Drop Green Apple Pack – all Green Apple flavoured.

Where are they made?

Queasy Drops and Preggie Pop Drops are made in California in the USA by a company called Three Lollies. It was started by a group of healthcare professionals who identified the need and then set out to find an all natural solution to help reduce the queasiness associated with Morning Sickness.

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