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More Information and Useful Links

  • Motion Sickness Frequently Asked Questions

    Our frequently asked questions about motion sickness. Experiencing motion sickness can be unpleasant, so anything to help relieve the feeling of being queasy will be a huge help.

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  • Wristbands for Travel Sickness - FAQs

    Visit our frequently asked questions about travel sickness wristbands. We answer questions about how they work and compare the different bands available.

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  • Queasy Drops and Pops

    The popular sickness sweet! Queasy Drops have been going for a number of years, so they know a thing or two about nausea. A handy guide and video about Three Lollies Queasy Drops.

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  • Ginger - FAQ's

    Ginger has been found to help ease the queasiness associated with pregnancy, travel sickness, chemotherapy and other ailments. Our frequently asked questions page gives you a little more insight into this natural wonder.

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  • Sick Bag Comparison

    Who would have thought there is more than one type of sick bag? Well there is! Take a look what one's are available and compare here.

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