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Morning Sickness

Why am I feeling sick? (again!)

No-one knows for sure what causes morning sickness – it could be hormonal changes or an evolutionary response to protect the baby from harmful foods. Some scientists (probably male!) believe it’s all in the mind – but we give them short shrift here…

Why is it called ‘Morning Sickness?’ I feel sick most of the time!

This is because it tends to be worse first thing in the morning when your stomach is empty. Try a dry cracker, a piece of toast, or a plain biscuit twenty minutes or so before you get up – it should help settle your tummy.

How long will it last? (Please say not long!)

The good news is that morning sickness usually ends by the 20 week mark of your pregnancy. The really good news is that up until then there are lots of things you can try to ease it!

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Purple Turtle’s Top Tips for Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness Product Page Banner
  • Get plenty of rest if you are feeling queasy. You have the perfect excuse for putting your feet up for a change! How about trying one of these?
Design Go Travel Super Foot Rest (Ref 476)Design Go Inflatable Foot Rest
  • Have a dry piece of toast or a plain biscuit before you get up. It should help to settle your tummy. Avoid fatty food and strong cooking smells, as this can make nausea worse. Try inhaling some fragrant essential oils instead! Sea Band Mama do a lovely roll-on to help calm your turbulent tummy.
Sea Band Mama Essential Oil Rollette Sea Band Mama Essential Oils Rollette
  • Keep hydrated. Little sips of water or diluted squash is best. Suck a sweet. It can really help! Some of these could do the trick:
Preggie Pop Sour Fruit DropsPreggie Pop Sour Fruit Drops
  • Go for ginger! In a tea, biscuit or sweet. Many people say it can make you feel much better! Try these for a real ginger hit:
Sea Band Mama Sugar Free Ginger LozengesSea Band Mama Ginger Lozenges
Ginger Queasy DropsGinger Queasy Drops
  • Try the alternative therapies route. There is evidence that acupressure may help some expectant mums feel less sick.
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  • If all else fails, why not try one of our Morning Sickness Kits? A combination of three of our most popular nausea busting products as a snip of the usual price?
Morning Sickness KitMorning Sickness Kit

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