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So you’ve booked a Safari trip? Amazing! You begin to visualise the animals you’ll see, the places you’ll stay and then, hang on, what am I going to take?! What do I need to take?! Then the realisation hits that you’re not sure what to pack.

Sound familiar?

No worries! We have you covered! We’ve put together a packing list/check list to print and tick off if needed.

It’s not a list where you need everything on it, but more a recommended guide to help with your packing.

There are links that will also take you to the right product section by clicking on the underlined text just to make life that little bit easier. You’re welcome!


Remember – Insect repellent clothing is a must, neutral colours – not dark, layers and no stripes – for obvious reasons!

Purple Turtle’s Helpful tip – It gets very dusty and there are washing facilities at most lodges, so don’t be afraid to layer or double up and take some laundry wash with you to freshen up your wardrobe. Space is tight and luggage needs to be lightweight, so think convertibles and shirts can be used as jackets.

Ladies – do not under estimate the importance of a sports bra! The jeep is not a smooth ride!

Shirts / Tops

Trousers / Convertibles / Shorts

Dress / Skirt

Lightweight jacket / possible waterproof – it may rain!

Hat with brim – it’s easy to forget to cover your neck!

Socks – comfortable with some form of cushioning.

Scarf / Buff– to protect from the dust.

Sturdy closed toe shoes – boots are heavy and not necessarily needed.


Crawler Guards – great for keeping out unwanted bugs.

Swimming gear – most lodges have a pool, so you wouldn’t want to miss using it.

Insect Repellent & Sunscreen

Remember – You will need injections before you travel and some form of Malarial tablet.

Purple Turtle’s Helpful tip Prevention is better than cure. Diseases are prevalent and can cause major harm, we always recommend DEET. It’s up to you if you wish to use it, but we always say we would rather use DEET for two-three weeks than risk the consequences of Malaria.

DEET – in any form and anything with 30% upwards. It is and always will be the best at protecting you from diseases such as Malaria.

Insect repellent bands

Plug In and Refill

EX4 Permethrin Treatment – really useful if you have an existing wardrobe and to treat textiles and fabrics out there – patch test first.

Mosquito Net – check with your accommodation if you need one or if there is one already there. Take into account the dimensions of bed, weight and if there is anything to hang them from.

Afterbite – Bite and Sting Relief – just in case!

Sunscreen – UPF50+ is recommended.

Lip Balm – with a high SPF, it’s the one thing we forget, lips! You will thank us later.


Remember – Be careful when you drink water, as it may not be as clean as you’d hoped.

Purple Turtle’s Helpful tip – If you wear contact lenses, it might be worth swapping back to glasses (just for your trip) as it gets very dusty and isn’t ideal for contact lens wearers. Take glass cleaner wipes to save on space.

Laundry Wash – great for the dust and refreshing your wardrobe. Saves on space and doubling up.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Shower gel & Wipes

Plug & Clothes line

Face cloth or small absorbent towel – it can get hot in the day, so even if it’s to use on the jeep or by the pool, it’s handy to have.

Chlorine Drops/Filtered Water Bottle – When you can’t guarantee fresh clean water, a back up is a lifesaver.

First Aid

Remember – If you need to take medication, make sure you have plenty to take with you and that it’s stored correctly for the heat.

Purple Turtle’s Helpful tip – Blister plasters!


Paracetemol / Ibuprofen / Aspirin/ Medication

Allergy medicine / Antihistamines

Antiseptic Cream

Oral Rehydration Salts – if you do get poorly.

Hand Sanitiser – for obvious reasons.


Remember – keep your valuables safe and close to you. Any electronics you take, make sure they have the proper protection and cover.

Purple Turtle’s Helpful tip – Photo’s are a great, but why not take a diary and pen to document your trip? You can always look back and remember what you saw, how you felt and re-live those memories and adventures.


Phone charger

Spare Batteries/Spare Memory card – make sure your camera is fully charged and to take spares! They go quicker than you think.

Binoculars – They don’t have to be all singing and dancing, just a small pair will do.

Dry bag – to keep your stuff dry if the heavens open.

Lightweight Torch

Lightweight rucksack – to keep all your things in.

Document pouches – waterproof document pouches are handy to keep with you if you’re out on a jaunt and need to keep your valuables safe and dry!

Sunglasses – Polarised sunglasses help dampen the glare.

Cash – cash is king as they say and handy to tip the locals, to buy any gifts, forgotten items or anything else that takes your fancy.