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Getting off the plane in Cusco, Peru at an altitude of 11,000 feet, can make you feel like you are floating so be cautious and take altitude sickness tablets just in case.  Take lots of water to drink and hopefully your body will naturally adjust given a bit of time.

One resonating comment from previous travellers is they wish they had taken more insect repellent and sunscreen to Maccu Picchu.  The humid conditions can make for great breeding grounds for biting insects which can make the climb a nightmare without the correct protection.  Whilst the weather on the way up can be unpredictable, once at the top, most travellers, are met with glorious sunshine and start to feel the burn.

Due to the altitude and the vast and different landscapes in Peru the weather is unpredictable and can vary drastically.  The best way to prepare for this is to wear clothing in layers that can be added or taken off when necessary.

Peru is world renowned for it’s handmade goods including woven alpaca blankets and sweaters.  The markets are spread across the Sacred Valley in little towns and many have a lack of ATM’s so be sure to bring cash.

The best way to acclimatise and to keep with the pace required to explore Peru is to drink lots of water.  As you can’t drink from the water supply, it is always recommended to keep extra bottles of water to hand, particularly when exploring Maccu Picchu or Lake Titicaca.  Between the 2 plane rides and long bus journeys, sometimes for hours on end, staying hydrated is imperative.  A filtered water bottle is great to keep with you in case of emergencies!

Lima is one of the food capitals of the world and with some of the top restaurants it is a good idea to make reservations in advance to ensure you are not disappointed.  Your travel guide should be able to recommend some smaller eateries however keep your eyes peeled for where the locals eat, as this is a reliable indicator of good food.

With natural wonders that are often the draw to Peru it can take you by surprise that the whole country looks as if it it out of a magazine.  Soak in all of the views and take time out to enjoy the sunset/sunrise over Lake Titicaca.  These amazing experiences will make the trip and then some.

In South America tipping is part of the experience.  Whilst in the UK it is not expected – when travelling to other countries it is good etiquette to find out the local gratuity rates.  In Peru it is good manners to tip around 10% for restaurants and leave a tip for local staff for example tour guides on trekking, boating and jungle expeditions.