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Product Name:Travel John Unisex Disposable UrinalWhiz FreedomGoGirl Portable UrinalHighlander Portable Toilet
Travel John x 180 Units (60 x 3 pack)Whiz FreedomHighlander Portable Toilet
Pack Size3111
MaterialPlastic (also comes in a paper version)Soft pliable plasticFlexible medical grade siliconeSteel frame and plastic seat
UseUrineUrineUrineUrine and solid waste
Accessories AvailableIncludes 3 antiseptic wipesExtension tube, relief bag and carry cases are availableExtension tube and carry cases are availableIncludes 6 disposable plastic bags 
FeaturesLIQSORB pouch that absorbs liquidReusableReusableReplacement bags are available
The Purple Turtle Says…“Small and lightweight, this unisex portable toilet can be reused until full and absorbs liquid”“Easy to clean making it perfect for camping and festivals”“A splash guard eliminates spills and mess, while the flexible silicone forms a seal – perfect for travelling”“Said to be the flattest portable toilet on the market making it perfect for road trips, camping or festivals”